We have been located in Luxembourg for over twelve years.

Due to major public sector investment, the Grand-Duchy is experiencing major economic growth in tandem with a sound underlying infrastructure. Located in the heart of the European Union, most major European cities can be easily accessed from the Grand Duchy by air, rail or road.
Luxembourg’s economic prosperity and structural stability make it one of the most competitive countries for business and a favorable location for developing projects.
Its framework of economic life, together with a very high quality social and environmental context, makes Luxembourg more attractive from the standpoint of lifestyle.


Our team, armed with high impact and constructive experience, is placing its accumulated knowledge and expertise at your disposal.

You have the advantage of :

  • Over twenty years of audit experience in the sectors of industry, trade and services,
  • Skills in economic, financial and strategic consulting obtained in high level training programs and perfected in business operations,
  • In-depth knowledge of international standards that regulate trade,
  • Setting up and developing business projects, then implementing and monitoring them,
  • The capacity for understanding and assimilating issues facing entrepreneurs,
  • An ability to develop solutions in concert with an analysis of customer requirements,
  • Substantial capacity for listening and analyzing,
  • Respect for ethics and commitments,
  • Total confidentiality in compliance with regulations,


Our openness to multiple cultures and our knowledge and use of several languages, to include French, German, English, Azerbaijani, Russian and Turkish, keeps us closely in tune with your expectations and requirements.